We are excited to share with you the newest phase of

Connected Riding®


We have brought to fruition the School of Connected Riding which will carry Connected Riding forward for generations to come.  The School has been a part of our vision for many years, and now is the time to have this be the vehicle to steward the legacy of this work and dedication to horses and riders everywhere.


The School of Connected Riding (SCR) is created from our desire to broaden the reach and resources necessary to be a transformative influence upon some of the traditional equestrian training and teaching methods that are harsh and ineffective for horses and riders alike.  Our aim is to offer a curriculum geared to support and supplement riding instructor education, so that more horses and riders can thrive in their connection together.  We need your help to support this cause that is close to our hearts.


Our Vision:  Riding instructors worldwide teaching riders and horses how to work together in sync, in Connection, with humane and supportive treatment of both.  Reaching riders who want more of Connected Riding, but not necessarily becoming an instructor. 


Our Mission:  Develop and improve riding instruction through sharing the principles of Connected Riding®, in order to engender humane treatment of horses.


The School of Connected Riding is a teacher training institute based upon modalities that promote health, longevity, and well-being of both horse and rider through the principles of Connected Riding®.  Our approach is unique in how we teach horses and riders to synchronize in Connection without force.  The training is based upon teaching “feel” through self-awareness, inquiry, and empowerment. Educating instructors and riders in this way, will in turn, make positive and transformative changes with their students, themselves and the horses they touch.


Our Goals–  Where volunteer and financial donations will be utilized:


Host SCR staff meetings to develop SCR curriculum and course development for a viable instructor education program.


Offer affordable and relevant continuing education workshops for riding instructors based on Connected Riding® and related coursework.


Maintain a tuition fund for scholarships for program trainees committed to the SCR mission.


Hold an annual fund raising/demonstration event that promotes SCR’s vision, mission, and goals.


Create online instructor training and mentoring courses that supplement the onsite trainings.


Connected Riding has served horses and riders worldwide for over 25 years, one horse, one rider at a time.  Because of your interest, commitment, and moral support, we are ready for this next step.  As Margaret Meade said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens change the world.  For indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 


As we launch this next inevitable stage of service, ensuring that we leave a positive influence on how riding is taught and horses are handled, we invite you to support our mission by making a contribution now to help underwrite the work toward our goals this.  With your belief in this work and the benefits it brings, your tax-deductible contribution is integral in establishing a solid foundation for this School.


We appreciate and are grateful for your support, thank you! 


Best wishes to you and your equine partners,


Peggy Cummings and Susan Cook

Founders, School of Connected Riding




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