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Our vision is riding instructors worldwide teaching riders and horses how to work together in sync, in Connection, with humane and supportive treatment of both. Our mission is to provide supportive and supplemental education for riding teachers to improve the way riding is taught and horses are cared for.


The School of Connected Riding is a teacher training institute for riding instructors based upon modalities that promote health, longevity, and well being of both horse and rider through the principles of Connected Riding®.  Our approach is unique in how we teach horses and riders to synchronize in Connection without force.  The training is based upon teaching “feel” through self-awareness, inquiry, and empowerment. Educating riding instructors in this way, will in turn, make positive and transformative changes with their students and the horses they touch. Our mission of training teachers, is the ultimate way Peggy Cummings can leave a lasting legacy of how horses are handled and ridden and riding is taught.


Help us create a better future for horses, riders, and instructors

School of Connected Riding®

one Connection at a time!


 School of Connected Riding® is being built on Peggy Cummings'

 Connected Riding® Methods.



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Training Program

We will be offering two courses in 2017 and are working daily on offering more by 2018.



Help us support students who want to learn more and further their education in caring for the well being of horses. Funds will go towards student scholarships, administration needs, course work for continuing education and to our Legacy Horses.  


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We are looking for volunteers for special projects. 

We are also looking for anyone who would like to donate airmiles, timeshares, uniforms, and/or other services.

Meet The
Legacy Horses


The Legacy horses are Peggy's equine teaching assistants. Peggy provides these horses to SCR to assist in training instructors and their students to deepen their Connected Riding® skills and learn the "feel" of Connection.



Please consider making a donation to our school, which helps maintain these wonderful horses. 






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