Horses’ Quality of Life Depends Upon Us


The core belief of all who teach in our school is that we are stewards of the welfare and future for the well-being of horses.  Our mission is to benefit how horses are treated by offering more education to trainers and instructors who oversee the care and development of their student’s horses.


Over the past 30 years, “domesticated” horses” lifestyles have changed significantly.  There is increasingly less land available for horses to be turned out to move and graze, and riders and owners have less time to ride their horses.  What used to be an almost daily form of exercise for most horses is now a brief exercise session, two to three times a week.  More horses are standing in stalls for longer periods of time, waiting their turn for time to move and to have attention.  Horse care is also becoming increasingly stressful for horse owners when they know they need to be doing more for their horses, yet must balance other demands in their lives.


In our course offerings to trainers, instructors, and their students, we offer new efficient ways to keep horses engaged, more fit, and healthier to the benefit of all.  When horses have targeted physical input, even for a brief time, it renews their nervous systems and mobility in their bodies, so they can better adapt to their environment.

Riding Instructors Need Our Support

School of Connected Riding® is based upon Peggy Cummings' Connected Riding method.  Peggy's passion has always been to improve how riding is taught, and how horses are handled and ridden.  She has been working toward her vision of having a school that provides information that she needed as a young instructor, yet could not find.  It was those missing pieces that set Peggy on her path of seeking answers to help horses being happier when ridden, riding being easier to learn, and riding being more fluid for both horse and rider.  Peggy's years of teaching and research with countless numbers of horse and rider combinations created her method of Connected Riding.  Now is Peggy's time to offer to all riding instructors the fruits of her work, sharing with them the breadth and depth of what is needed for riders to learn how to ride in a more physically functional, empowered, and independent way.  


As are many teachers, riding instructors are a dedicated, passionate group of people who do their jobs because they love horses, riding, and the joy of helping others share their passion.  It is a labor of love, and requires long hours of very physically demanding work.  It can sometimes also be a professionally isolating experience, due to the focus required to look after a barn full of horses and their owners.  It can be challenging for instructors to find the time or financial resources to renew themselves by pursuing continuing education and camaraderie that gives a new spark of creativity and enthusiasm.


Our school is dedicated to be not only that spark  of inspiration, but a resource that feeds the soul of these teachers.  


Our curriculum is designed and taught by a team of our top Connected Riding instructors. Each of these instructors has developed a body of coursework that supports the principles and methods of Connection.  This includes: holistic bodywork modalities, equine and human biomechanics, equine nervous system, horse-human relationship building, and support with teaching strategies empowers both horse and riding students.


We invite our riding instructors peers to attend one of our annual workshops geared to their professional needs.  We want instructors to learn how we can support them to provide more benefits in their work with horses and even more satisfaction with their teaching!


Riders are Empowered by Their Horses and Instructors

By being a school that educates riding instructors, we believe this is the greatest benefit we can offer to horses and riders.  When riders can learn how to be in sync with their horses easily…when riders are empowered to know how and why they are doing what they do with their horses… the horse, the rider, and the instructor become partners in the joy of riding.  Each plays a role.  Each is mutually supportive of the other. 


What We Believe

We highly value treating all animals and people with respect and integrity.  We hold ourselves to a high standard of ethics,  encouraging a healthy and safe learning environment for horses and riders, and a supportive collegial community within the horse industry.  


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